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10 Steps में Business का संपूर्ण ज्ञान | Startup Success Formula | Dr Vivek Bindra

In this video, Dr Vivek Bindra outlines 10 revolutionary steps for business success. From inception to execution, Dr Bindra lists the golden rules that an entrepreneur, startup must follow to attain exponential success in business. The 10 steps listed are as follows

a. Missing innovation around customer’s money making model
b. Negative Cash flow and negative working capital
c. Expansion with negative margin
d. Lack of talented manpower
e. Scalability and Recurring Revenue Model
f. Mixed marketing Signal and wrong positioning
g. Releasing product as a laggard
h. Save yourself from getting outcompeted

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  1. i started my first step towards become #successfull #Entreprenuer by watching your videos sir…

    • Few days…. But now many months have passed….

    • +Vipul Maheshwari he must be struggling broo … it takes time

    • +saransh Sharma yaa bro….. It’s all right…. I understand

  2. This Video is almost like completing Your MBA,
    Dont just See this Video, but Study this Video atleast 5 times..
    Nokia & Xiaomi Coming Soon..

    • Furniture ke upar

    • Sir baar rent pe leke kuch business ka batao na usme Kya profit and loss hoga

    • sir aaj kal business me conniption bhut h to business kese kare iska video

    • Electronics

    • Sir speach nice

  3. सर बाकी सब तो ठीक है, पर ये बताइये कि व्यापार करने के लिए पैसा कहां से लाये, एक व्यक्ति जिसके पास एक रुपया नही है वो कैसे अपना बिज़नेस शुरू करे

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    mahilao ko aapke motivation ki bahut jyada jarurat hai please help us
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    • Bhagya vedhata attractive offers launch karke, membership launch karke aur beauty parlour ki main growth to talented staff ke haat mae hai.

  5. Video game (pc/mobile ) development start up and defence technology design and development manufacturisation start up video plz … I know , l am gonna do something great

  6. Sir, I have a request, will you please make a video on selling difficult products like Handmade paintings, and handmade art online, it is very difficult to survive as an independent artist, thanks Sir. Your all videos helped me a lot, motivated me in difficult time, God bless you, Thanks a lot

  7. लगता है आप इंग्लैंड से आये हैं.
    भारतीय बाजार का प्रेक्टिकल अनुभव जीरो है. आपकी भाषा को
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    पर वीडियो देखने का टाइम ही नहीं होता.

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  11. Nither I am from business family nor I have ever tried any business

    But I really want to be a businessman, need your valuable suggestions

  12. Sir I want to know that
    Which is the best age for starting a business?

    • Not age is required to start a business

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  17. How to patent how much cost it n where i can go for it thank you 😊

  18. Sir food stall business ka case study please!

    • Sumanta Biswas bhai kya start karne wale ho

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